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Featured Review - Jim

Success Story: How Our TENS Units Make Endurance Horse Riding Pain-Free


The Problem

The sun was just starting to rise over Brushy Creek as Jim saddled up Thunder.

Jim Andriakos lives in Illnois with his wife, Kathy, and two horses. Jim has always loved horses - he’s a professional endurance rider who rides every weekend, sometimes for a distance of up to 100 miles.

When you’re on a horse from the crack of dawn to maybe 9 or 10 at night, your whole body gets an intense workout. Doing legwork and sitting in a stiff saddle takes a serious toll on the body, even more so as you advance in age. Jim was finding that his muscles were tightening up so much that he was starting to dread the pain he’d be in at the end of the day. Would he have to give up horse riding?

The Solution

Jim first discovered Utopia Gear when he and Kathy went to a trade show in Reno, Nevada. They had no idea what a TENS unit was, but they were attracted by Utopia Gear’s banner that read ‘relax as your pain melts away’. "The salesmen beckoned us to chairs, then hooked us up to the machines. We tried it, loved it, and bought a Pro 2.0 right there on the spot”, said Kathy.

Back home the next weekend, Jim rode his horse, Cosmo, over a long two-day trip. As usual, by the end of the day, his lower back and thighs were in agony. It was the perfect time to test out his new Utopia Pro, so he attached the pads with anticipation. Minutes after he turned it on, he was in awe - he couldn’t believe the tremendous amount of relief he was experiencing. 


Jim riding Cosmo

For Jim, having a Utopia Gear TENS unit means he can ride every weekend and enjoy the great outdoors without the restriction of pain. He’s now free to ride as for as long as he wants because his muscle pain is under control.

“Since buying the first TENS unit at that show, I’ve ordered machines for my mother, my aunt, and two friends at work. Brandon, the owner, even upgraded our old model for free. We want to thank Utopia Gear for being so kind. We are a forever customer of yours."

Want to know how our machines can ease your pain? Give us a toll-free call today at 888-237-4997. 

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