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TENS Units

How Our Portable TENS Units Can Set You Free



 Enjoy the Benefits of Professional Therapy In the Comfort of Your Home

If you’ve ever been in physical therapy or a chiropractor’s office and have had electrical stimulation performed on you, you know just how amazing these machines can feel and how much relief they can provide. One problem is people have very busy lives and not everyone can make it in for an appointment all the time. Another issue is that most of the time the stim machines are very large and have to be operated through an outlet. The TENS units by Utopia Gear are available for use 24/7 and can be kept in your pocket at all times for the ultimate in portability.

High Tech Pain Relief That Feels Amazing

If you’ve always associated TENS therapy with “needles” or a “stinging” sensation, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. The modes on our TENS units are designed to feel very smooth with advanced TENS technology. Gone are the days of feeling uncomfortable when running a TENS unit. With so many modes, you can target different pain points with your favorite frequency.

High Quality Accessories

Our well-built machines are designed for daily use and so are our electrode pads. Some of our competitors sell their customers low quality pads to trick them into paying for replacements every couple days or weeks. Our pads are tough, lasting approximately six months of daily use when properly taken care of. 

Pick a TENS Unit That’s Right For You

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