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Featured Review - LaVonne

LaVonne’s Success Story: How my Portable TENS Unit Relieved my Crippling Back Pain


“I was in so much pain, but as long as I had my TENS unit on, I could bear it.”

LaVonne Martin lives in Billings, a city in Montana near Yellowstone National Park. Interested in the medical industry, LaVonne used to work at a chiropractic clinic. “The clinic had a TENS machine, which I used occasionally for my stiff neck. My colleague would hook me up on it and it really helped.” Said LaVonne.

“The problem with TENS machines at a clinic are that you only get fifteen minutes. You can’t have a good, long session, and you have to pay a fortune for an appointment.”

A few years later, LaVonne went to a home show. As LaVonne was walking around with her sister, she saw Utopia Gear demonstrating their TENS units. She had no idea that home-use TENS machines existed, so she was immediately intrigued. “My sister and I sat down, and we tried them on both sides of our neck. It felt so good! Surprisingly, the machine was just as powerful as the one I used at the clinic. I bought one there and then.”

LaVonne’s Debilitating Condition

In December 2015, LaVonne was diagnosed with a condition that gave her crippling back pain. “The pain was unbelievable.” said LaVonne, “It was excruciating, the worst thing I’ve ever gone through. Painkillers didn’t work at all.

“I couldn’t stand the pain any more. I’d used my TENS unit on my neck and it had been so good for that, so I put all four pads on my back, and turned the machine on. My muscle spasm immediately disappeared - I couldn’t believe it!

“My TENS machine was the only thing that kept me sane, and I was just so thankful for it. As long as I had that unit on, I could bear it. The rhythm is so soothing when you’re in pain. It just seemed to take away the spasms that my muscles were going through. Even my doctors were so shocked that I was able to get up and walk around.” Over time, LaVonne’s condition got better, and her back pain dissipated.

LaVonne: “Why I’ll never part with my machine”

“I’m 68 now, so it’s very comforting to know that if I get into another situation with a lot of pain, I have something that works and won’t harm me. TENS therapy always at the ready.

“When you’re in massive amount of pain, you just don’t have time to think. I can easily wake up from sleep, quickly flip my machine back to another hour and then just doze off again. That’s what I really appreciate - the ease of using it.

“Another key factor for me is that with my TENS machine, you get the relief that you need without any bad side effects. Unlike drugs, you can use it as much as you want and it can’t hurt you.”

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