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  • Quick pain relief from Utopia Gear

    "It helps me to recover from horse riding"

    Jim’s muscles were always in agony after a long day in the saddle. With his new TENS Machine, he’s now able to relieve his muscle tightness and enjoy the great outdoors. Read Jim's story.

  • Discreet and portable tens unit

    "It's as good as the stim machines at a clinic"

    LaVonne used to use a TENS unit at a chiropractic clinic, but didn’t like that sessions only lasted 15 minutes. With her Utopia Gear portable TENS unit, LaVonne now enjoys lasting pain relief for as long as she likes. Read LaVonne's story.

  • Utopia Gear Pain Relief

    "The Best TENS unit I've ever tried."

    Shawn had tried everything for his pain problems, including several prescription TENS machines. When Shawn tried Utopia Gear’s Pro 3.0, he couldn’t believe how much more powerful it was. Read Shawn's story.

World's Best TENS unit

Utopia Gear utilizes the latest TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. These portable machines can be used on virtually any muscle or joint and are a great drug free solution to the pain epidemic that plagues all of us every day. These electrotherapy devices are compact, very portable, simple to use, and run on a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Now you can enjoy the benefits of physical therapy at any place and at any time.

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The Utopia Pro 2.0 electronic tens machine
Pro 2.0
The Utopia Pro 3.0 tens unit
Pro 3.0
The Utopia Pro 4.0 TENS unit
Pro 4.0

How It Works

The devices at Utopia Gear use both EMS and TENS therapy to help fight most forms of acute and chronic pain. Electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) uses electrical impulses to make the muscle contract while TENS uses low voltage electrical current to stimulate the nerve endings. TENS is for blocking pain and EMS is for stimulating muscles. Now you can have both therapies in the palm of your hand for use at home or on the go...

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Why Buy

When looking to purchase any product, three issues are at the core of every decision. Those issues are lowest price, highest quality, and servicing of the product. It is impossible for a company to succeed and offer all three; however, we are the absolute closest you will ever encounter to obtaining all three. We guarantee the highest possible quality at a reasonable price. Never in your life will you find the same quality of service from any other company that you will receive from Utopia Gear - before, during, and after your purchase.......

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What You Get

Every purchase comes with:
  • Set of Large Electrode Pads
  • Set of Small Electrode Pads
  • USB Charger
  • A/C Adaptor
  • Set of Lead Cords
  • Rechargeable Internal Lithium Battery
  • Acu-Therapy Chart
  • User Manual
  • Two Year Warranty Card
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Portable Electrotherapy

Pulse Stimulator

TENS Therapy

About Utopia Gear

Within 10 minutes you can feel pain relief without having to worry about any potential side effects. A typical session is 20 to 30 minutes when needed. These nerve stimulators are an excellent pain management tool. Try TENS therapy today and experience fast relief on virtually any muscle or joint. Every Utopia Gear portable stim machine fits in the palm of your hand and takes up very little space. The rechargeable lithium ion battery can run weeks at a time before needing to be recharged. Use around the house or on the go!

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