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  • Utopia Pro 3.0 displaying the main features of the TENS unit.
  • Pro 3.0 portable TENS unit showing display features.
  • Model 3.0 EMS unit showing the portability regarding Utopia Gear's devices.
  • Utopia Gear Pro 3.0 TENS unit with 12 modes, dual channels, backlight, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery.
  • Portable TENS unit from Utopia Gear, model 3.0.
  • Pro 3.0 portable estim unit displaying four pads being run at the same time.

Utopia Pro 3.0 TENS Unit

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The Pro 3.0 is our most popular model. Its unique features are:

  • 12 modes 
  • 20 levels of intensity
  • Dual inputs means you can use 4 TENS unit pads to treat 2 different areas at 2 different intensities at the same time
  • 10-60 minute adjustable timer
  • Dimensions: 3.75"H X 2"W X 1/4"D
Other features:
  • Lithium Ion battery lasts weeks, not days - lasts up to 30 stim sessions before needing an approximate one hour charge
  • LCD display with bright backlight - perfect to use in bed at night
  • Portable TENS unit - fits in your pocket for weekend adventures

An On Call Pain Reliever

If you’ve ever used a chiropractor or physical therapist for TENS machine sessions, you know how great these devices can feel, but sometimes can not make it in for an appointment. Did you know that our stim machines are just as powerful as the ones that are used in physical therapy and at chiroporactors' offices? With our powerful machines, you can enjoy TENS therapy and relieve your pain anytime and anywhere at a much lower cost.

Feels Amazing

If you’ve always associated TENS units with ‘needles’ or a ‘stinging' sensation, you’re in for a surprise. The Pro 3.0 has 12 different modes, each designed to help fight pain and provide temporary relief (with the added bonus of TENS technology!).  With so many modes, you can target different pain points while you sit back and relax or are on the move.

Built to Last

Our well-built machines are designed for heavy use, and so are our electrode pads. While some of our competitors give their customers low-quality pads to trick them into paying for replacements every couple of weeks, our pads are super-tough, lasting 6 months if taken care of properly. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any others that last as long!

Included in your box:

  • 1 Pro 3.0 TENS Machine
  • 1 x large and 1 x small set of long-lasting TENS electrode pads  
  • 1 x USB adapter 1 x wall adaptor
  • Two-year warranty(Best warranty in the world; we will honor any issue)
  • Instructions brochure 

Maintenance and Care:

Remember to periodically clean the TENS unit pads with a wet wipe or a baby wipe.  This will help extend the life of the pads and bring the stickiness back.  This also helps to remove oils from your skin.  With regular usage, the pads last an average of 6 months.  Always replace the film back on the pads to keep any debris or dirt from attracting to the electrode pads.      

The Pro 3.0 electrotherapy device has a built in safety feature that will not allow you to increase the intensity unless BOTH pads are completely affixed to the skin.  If one or both pads become detached from the skin, the intensity meter will drop to zero and you will be unable to feel any sensation from the stim machine.  In order to keep the pads attached to the skin, it is recommended to always angle the lead wires towards the ground and use fresh clean pads.

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